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AKKA ARCHITECTS, a consultancy firm focused on elevating architecture towards larger issues of individuals & cultures, knowledge & education, research & development, social evolution, community growth and human development. AKKA Architects are driven by the vision of Architecting Interaction©.

Architecting Interaction is an ongoing exploration of human interactions on a scale of interventions.


Whenever we design, humans are never far away, in fact very often, they are at the center of what we design. I believe that all our actions are interactions. Humans interact, with each others as well as with their context, and that includes physical objects, digital interfaces, furniture, walls, space, void…etc. Interaction manifests in a number of different forms. Whatever form it is in, human interaction remains our primary source of value and moreover innovation. Architecting Interaction investigates how can we design human environments that trigger interaction to create a communal experience of collaboration, cooperation and co-creation.


Whatever we are engaged in designing, whether it is a product, a space or even a service, optimizing human interactions is always an added value. Whether you are a graphic designer, an architect, a cook, a bank manager or a nurse in a hospital, approaching your contribution from the perspective of Architecting Interaction, asking yourself how can I encourage human interactions will always bring an added value to your contribution.


Every context should be architecting interactions, only to varying degrees. At the heart of AKKA Architects lies the dedication to enhance and innovate human interactions.