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Sunny Beach

Project Type

Hotel & Leisure

Project Architect

Areeg Ibrahim

Completion Date


Located near El Gouna, Hurghada is Sunny Beach Resort, an existing and operating resort with a newly designed extension. The design takes inspiration from the natural surroundings and breathtaking views, bringing together lush greenery, pools and walkways within the resort boundaries. A journey through a tropical getaway, where architecture, interior design and landscape converge into a multi-sensory experience.

The landscape is designed to adapt to the natural surroundings, by unifying with the organic shapes and natural materials, weaving nature into the built environment and enlivening ordinary structures introducing a new way of resort living.The architecture and façade unfolds a playful three-dimensional grid of wooden frames, allowing each room to contain a personal and intimate view of the ocean. With its framing views and hanging gardens, the resort grows into a long-lost tropical village

The modern structures feature guest rooms, specialty restaurants,bar, gym, spa and lounges and public areas that enhance the hotel’s meetings and events space. Designing modern interiors while remaining sensitive to the location it surrounds was a challenge that called for a holistic approach to the design solutions providing a casual yet luxurious environment. The hotel hosts more than 300 spacious guest rooms dressed in natural tones with green accents, providing an instant reflection of the relaxed surroundings, to become one with its serene background.

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